The Great Southern :: Playmakers: You Can Ukulele

Playmakers: You Can Ukulele

Instrument makers and players mix and merge in a jamboree of craft and musicmaking. Following the 2008 Festival’s highly successful event comes a celebration of the ‘underdog’ of stringed instruments, the ukulele.

Enjoying a worldwide resurgence, the ‘uke’ is back in favour. Playmakers brings top ukesters from Hawaii and Australia together with local and international makers to revel in the happy sound of the Pacific’s ‘jumping flea’.

Playmakers includes sessions by Harry Fleishman – a luminary of American instrument making; Greg Smallman – a revolutionary classical guitar maker; Craig Ogden – a virtuoso classical guitarist; Jim Conway – a master of blues harmonica; Linsey Pollack – a nutty professor of instrument invention; and a host of others.

Azo Bell (Australia) – With music in the American Ukulele Hall of Fame, film scores and even a dance score, Azo has taken the uke to places never seen before.

Jim Conway (Australia) – Co-founder of 70s jug band Captain Matchbox, Jim is a master harmonica player and Centenary Medal recipient for contribution to the arts.

Harry Fleishman (USA) – Harry runs Luthiers School International and designs instruments for the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation.

Neil Graham (Australia) – Recipient of a Churchill Fellowship, Neil provides high-quality harmonicas to international and local players.

David Hurd (USA) – Owner of Kawika Ukuleles, David’s Koa ukes are the epitome of technical precision, authentic sound and traditional beauty.

Craig Ogden (UK ) –Grammy nominee Craig is at home in concert halls around the world and has performed with some of Britain’s most famous orchestras.

Linsey Pollak (Australia) – Using whatever takes his fancy, Linsey not only creates marvelous instruments but composes ingenious music.

Greg Smallman (Australia) – The power and grace of the Smallman guitar sound have provided inspiration for the world’s greatest classical guitarists.

Doug Tolentino (USA) – Fingerstyle ukulele, smooth falsetto vocals and passionate performance make Doug Tolentino a favourite in Hawaiian ukulele circles.

Andrew Winton (Australia) – An independent songwriter and consummate musician, Andrew is a regular on the festival circuit.

David Worthy (Australia) – Handmade Worth guitars are state-of-theart and feature unique wood selection, inlaying designs and immaculate finishing.

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    The Eclipse Building (WA Museum, Albany)

    The Eclipse Building (WA Museum, Albany)

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